Deeply Rooted

in brick and concrete

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Being at camp with my kids, with our ministry’s kids- I am reminded on a daily basis why I do what I do.
I am reminded how thankful of what I had while growing up.

Many of these kids don’t have three meals a day- they are shocked they get another meal at lunch- let alone eat them with a fork and knife. Having kids pick up forks and knives saying “this is like the stuff they use on TV”- from the mouth of a 10 year old. Teaching them the value of please and thank you.

At the bed readying time so many of the kids don’t know how to properly brush their teeth- or how to do more than pour a little water on themselves- and call it a shower. Because no one taught them

The value of just being able to play outside without fear of violence. To let a kid be a kid.
How to draw stars- and to have them be able to see them in the sky for the first time.
How much fun a stick horse race really can be.
The bliss of a tree swing.

As we teach them about God’s love for them- and see them truly enter in to His presence- it is amazing to have them experience the little things in life. Even if it is just hearing “I love you” every day.

Thank you God for changing my heart along side them.

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