Deeply Rooted

in brick and concrete

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Dear New York

Happy two years. Though I have claimed you as my home for longer- I have been wandering your streets for two years now. Those two years have made me wiser, bolder, and stronger. I have seen more than my eyes an my heart can hold at some points.
I have been living my dream, and even in the nights that I fall asleep with tears in my eyes- I still can fall asleep with an underlaying joy that I am serving my God in a city that he has always placed on my heart.
2 years and I am still giddy when I am in your streets. 2 years and I still love to explore. 2 years you have not lost one ounce of your wonder in my eyes. 2 years and you are more home now than ever. 2 years and my heart skips a beat still when I am in Harlem- when I am on my site.
So, here is to 2 years- and the many more to come.

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